Cancellation policy:

If you  no-show for an appointment- you will not be able to make another appointment until 100% of your missed appointment's service has been paid.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, your 50% deposit will be non refundable to pay for my time.

Clients will be responsible for paying 50% of the price of the cancelled appointment before making another appointment with me

Pricing effective appointments booked on 11/16/2021 & on:

Cuts: priced by length , includes shampoo & style 


Short cut - 45

hair length is just brushing off the ear, fades, or pixies 

Medium cut- 65

chin length, bob, just past the shoulders, shags

Long cut-75

long or dense hair, hair 2 inches past shoulder length or longer



Color: 90/ hr , 40 additional product charge may occur depending on service 

haircuts are included in color sessions -for example a 3 hour session is enough for a partial balayage , toner, and haircut

please use images below as a reference of time needed, longer hair may require more time depending on the services requested

2 hour time slot- a small refresh

permanent color on new growth or all over, haircut, toner

2 hours does not include lightening services

3 hour time slot- more than a small refresh

lighten and vivid touch up- keeping the same color palette 

lighten and tone if regularly being seen ever 4-6 weeks (or less and 1" new growth) 

if new growth is longer than 4-6 weeks (1" new growth) we will need a 4 hour session to do a double process
perimeter face frame highlight, or heavy panel lightening

 “partial” highlight or “partial” balayage

all services include a toner and a haircut


4 - 7 hour time slot- for transformations or all around change 
Want to change to a new look ? Want to be lightened all over?This is our time frame! Full coverage of highlights or balayage, corrective color, Extensions, all over bleach / lighten and tone, all over vivids

please reach out via DM on instagram @melissathehairwizard if concerned about time frame 

all services include a toner and a haircut 


I recommend booking for max amount of time for color corrections - we will need as much time as possible to get close to achievable goals - while keeping the integrity of the hair safe


3 hour color session


5-6 hour color session


2 hour color session


3 hour color session


4- 5 hour color session


4-5 hour color session