Below is a list of my most popular services. For additional services and pricing, please contact me via DM on instagram @melissathehairwizard. 

*prices may vary by length and density of hair* 

Starting May 1st- new pricing structure for color services will be hourly

color sessions $80/hr 

balayage, major lightening, color correction, vivid, color sessions (first hour $120) then $80/hr 

there will be no added charges with an hourly rate- this includes haircut, toners, treatments, etc 

haircut only appointments remain the same price according to length

Cuts: priced by length , includes shampoo & style 

Short cut - 40

hair length is just brushing off the ear, fades, or pixies 

Medium cut- 55

chin length, bob, just past the shoulders

Long cut-70

dense hair, hair 2 inches past shoulder length or longer


Going Lighter/ Color correction 

starting at $300 (100/hr) - All of the ends of hair lighter or all over lighter

or total transformation

3-8 hours vary by client and process

book directly via instagram @melissathehairwizard

(Most popular service - feel free to send photos of your current hair and your goal to IG @melissathehairwizard)

*going lighter is a process- breakage can occur- may take multiple sessions- consultation form will be signed in shop , includes haircut and treatment*


         Balayage full with blowdry- 300

         (bright blend that is thorough,

          most hair being balayaged,

          some left for blend and depth)

w/ cut & style - 350

includes toner & treatment


Partial Balayage with blowdry -  200

(bright blend that focuses more on hairline and top/ sides of the hair)

w/ cut & style - 250

includes toner & treatment

Color retouch blowdry- 120 

(only 1" or less of new growth touched with color/ not lightener)

w/  cut and style - 150

Single Process Bleach/ Lighten and Tone- 150

(If new growth is longer than one inch this is a

color correction because it requires more than one process)

Single process with cut & style - 175

(all over color / not lightener )

Toner - 30

Toner with blowdry - 70 

(coming in for toner and blowdry and style - blondes should get this done every 4 weeks)

Partial highlight cut & style- 200

Full highlight cut & style - 240

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